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Trinity River Fly Fishing

The areas along the Trinity River are California like you’ve never experienced it. Gone are the trappings of modern life, and in their place stand grand mountains, beautiful flora and wildlife. Damon Seely’s Fly Fishing excursions onto the Trinity River in his 16′ Crackacraft drift boat allows you to experience all of the splendor the area has to offer, while putting you right at the center of the best fly-fishing action available. The Trinity River is famous for its record setting Trout with regular catches of Steelhead and heavy Salmon runs.

The areas from Lewiston dam to the Klamath River is a 170 mile fishery stocked river where it is a common sight to see fly fishermen pull in large catches in a single day. Damon knows the best access points for each of the areas and can provide you with shuttle (at an extracts) to those areas if your own car isn’t available.

Damon’s many years of experience will guide you to the best spots during each particular season so you have the best chance of reeling in a bounty of magnificent fish. Bring your camera and create lasting memories while you make a trophy catch.

In the Trinity River, Steelhead are most reliable in the fall beginning in October. Steelhead fishing continues all through the winter season, gaining size as the winter progresses. For super Salmon fishing in the Trinity River, plan on making the trip in late June or early July through August.

Let us show you all of the wonders that the Trinity River has to offer you in Northern California.

Sacramento River Fly Fishing

The awe-inspiring surroundings and the bounty of fish available make a trip on the Sacramento River an experience not soon forgotten by beginner and experienced anglers alike.

The Sacramento River is heavily populated by strong fighting wild Rainbow Trout averaging 16 inches and trophy “Monsters” ranging 20 inches and over. Also, don’t forget the Sacramento River has treasure runs of Steelhead.

Sport fishing for Steelhead will provide all the excitement any angler could wish for. These feisty fish will keep you at the top of your game.. For a real battle, hunker down and set your sights on a Trophy Rainbow Trout that is 25″ or more, which will give you a hard-fight, and make you work for your prize.

The Lower Sacramento River

The Sacramento is our most reliable fishery. Any month of the year, it is possible to catch fish. We float this river year round, and the only thing that turns off the bite is muddy water. A 96 inch rod in 6 wt. is about perfect here, although any 5, 6, or 7 wt. 9 foot rod will serve you well. Long untapered leaders, with large split shot suspended under a large indictor, is usually the ticket here.

This river calls for constant casting and mending to get that perfect drag-free drift. You will get a workout here casting all that lead, but the reward is a chance to tangle with these beautiful fish. They are big, fat and incredibly strong.

Fall fishing can be great as the weather cools, and the salmon return. We don’t fish for salmon here, but when they are present and on the redds, the trout feed heavily on the eggs and also dislodged nymphs stirred up by the digging.

Winter fishing can be very good, but the big numbers of fish are not usually there. Instead, the fish are huge. We catch the biggest fish of the year in the winter. Reliable hatches of beatis and midges, along with sporadic little black caddis hatches, keep these big fish biting.

The spring caddis hatch is incredible, and it’s possible to get the biggest numbers of the year with beatis and PMDs starting to show. Salmon flies and golden stones also. Spring is a great time to be on the Sac. Summer is about caddis. Caddis is king every afternoon. So, every day of the year is a good day on the Sac.

Fishing Small Streams

Almost every direction you go from Redding, you will find a small stream. We’re not talking about the famous waters of the upper Sacramento River, the McCloud or the Pit Rivers, but there are the small feeder creeks that make up these larger waters. Nearly all are full of small but very aggressive trout. This isn’t a place for expensive rods or newfangled technique. You don’t need a box full of flies either. All you need are a few choice flies, a light wt. rod, no more than 7 1/2 feet long, and you’re in business.

I learned to fish with my father’s 4 wt. Fenwick, and it was just about perfect. As I got older, I wanted my own gear. So, shortly after the Fly Shop opened here in Redding, I went in and got my very first rod blank. It was a 7 1/2 ft. Fisher 4 wt. glass rod. I remember Mike Mercer, then a young man himself, fitted me up with everything I needed. Set up with a cheap reel, and even cheaper line, I was as happy as could be. I fly fished that setup for many years, even after I had more expensive rods and reels. I still enjoy fishing small water with cheap gear. I say all this to make a point. Fly-fishing doesn’t have to be expensive. It can be, but it’s not necessary.

I am still stalking these little gems, and my gear is much the same. That old Fisher rod is long passed. It’s been replaced with a Fenwick HMG , which has much the same action: slow action that loads on a short cast. Packing a handful of flies, nymphs, wets, dries, and always a couple of muddlers, a day can slip by pretty quickly.

The fish are small, but mostly that doesn’t matter. It’s fishing at its most basic and maybe most fun. You must sneak up on these fish, or maybe stalking is the best word. Everything is up close and personal, so watch your step and stay quiet. Leave the bright clothing at home and even the waders, for that matter.

I always fish these little creeks wet, unless it’s early in the year and still a little cold. So get out there and get wet. It’s fun, I promise. I would be happy to show you. Just don’t tell anyone about my secret spot, o.k.

What to Expect

A full day – 8 Hours (or half day – 4 hours) on the Trinity River or Sacramento River fly-fishing from a drift boat.

Beginners are always welcome, we provide fly-fishing instruction as necessary.

We also offer light line steelhead fishing, utilizing long spinning rods and floats. Learn center pinning, it’s extremely challenging yet a very effective fishing method, with exceptionally low impact for the fish, thereby ensuring the continuity of the sport for years to come.

Shuttle service can be provided at an extra charge if your vehicle cannot be used to shuttle.

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